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Call for Applications: 1 Place for European Voluntary Service in Berlin, Germany

Project: Youth for Europe - Contributing to a Europe of Citizens
Places: 1
Submission of application to National Agency: 1 November 2010
When: roughly from June 2011 (duration of the project 12 months). The start of the project depends on the successful grant application to the European Union programme "Youth in Action"
Place: Berlin, Germany
Hosting organization: Citizens of Europe e.V. (Berlin)
Sending organization: we accept direct applications from candidates. To have a sending organization before applying is not mandatory.

Citizens of Europe e.V. is a European politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network with an office in Berlin. We are a group of people who feel responsible for the future of Europe. We work together by interdisciplinary debates, practical trainings and engaged art. We aim to support active citizenship.

In the framework of the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission from June 2011 a new position for a European Voluntary Service project at Citizens of Europe would be available. Voluntary engagement enables young people to take up innovative ideas and get new perspectives. If you are between 20-26 years old it could be your chance to have an interesting and fruitful working experience abroad, in one of the most fascinating an alive European cities ever, Berlin.

Short description:
You would be expected to support the regular work at the office, from keeping contacts with partners and third persons interested in Citizens' activities to a precious help with the administrative matters. You could learn or improve your language skills, communicating on a daily basis both in English and in German. Your colleagues will be another European volunteer and twice per week the office responsible, with whom you will discuss and plan your tasks. You will be asked to contribute with your ideas to various projects run by other members and at the same time according to your personal interests you could have the chance to develop and implement your own project. We highly encourage your self-initiative in this sense and we are happy to support you.

Citizens of Europe realizes diverse multidisciplinary projects on a transnational level. Throughout the last year our board has set the following core priorities:
−    to strengthen and develop our local and international network going beyond the youth dimension.
We would like to address as much as possible the needs of a contemporary heterogeneous civil society,
taking into high consideration the gap among generations in volunteering. We want to develop new
communication strategies and activities in order to facilitate the involvement of the “productive” generations
particularly within our network;
−    to create a comprehensive collection of the material produced so far during the past projects, taking
into account also the personal dimension of people involved. We are working on the realization of a Year Book
through which we want to tell Citizens of Europe's story, evolution and growth. This project implies
communication among members, a careful gathering process and finally the editing.

According to your skills and interests you may be asked to provide your support on this regard, contributing on their practical implementation.

Volunteer profile:
- Aged 20-26
- Self-initiative and the ability to work autonomously
- A mental drive to make active contributions, both on a planning as on an implementing level
- European citizen´s self awareness: this doesn´t mean you have to be an enthusiastic pro-European. More important for us is, you have an opinion of your own regardless its political direction and are interested in following up current developments in the European continent
- A certain organisational experience: not necessarily professionally, but for instance from previous engagements in your local student organisation, youth associations, etc
- A minimum proficiency in German language. Although all the members of our staff and practically all our project freelancers speak English, your work in Berlin will be facilitated a lot if you already speak some German. It is not important at all you are already brilliant with declinations or other language difficulties, but understanding at least the essence of German could be a great advantage for you.

What we offer:
- 510 EUR per month +  tickets for public transportation
- Language course
- On-arrival training and mid term evaluation seminar together with other European volunteers
- One year of free membership in Citizens of Europe upon completion of your EVS
- Besides the office we will take care also of other issues that could facilitate and make pleasant your stay in Berlin. First the research of a flat then the creation of a bank account and the attempt to fulfill as much as possible your needs. Apart form your responsible you could always rely on a mentor, with whom you will be constantly in contact
- One year to discover and enjoy Berlin!

If you are interested please send an email with CV and motivational letter (in German or English) to Gert Röhrborn at  Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite. or call our office 0308687010922 (mobile 01733872290).

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